Kevin the Kelpie by Vicky Cowie

Kevin The Kelpie

A Kelpie, for those who are not aware,
Is a horse that you ride but then stick to its hair.”

Will the woodland fairy folk make it safely to the Blackthorn Bush Ball? …

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The Biggest Blooming Beetle by Vicky Cowie

The Biggest Blooming Beetle

A little boy finds the Biggest Blooming Beetle he has ever seen in his life.

His family are not keen on his new pet, all except for Granny, and Granny knows best!

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The Secret of Snittington Hall by Vicky Cowie

The Secret of Snittington Hall

When poor Lady Plumcake has to sell her beautiful home, the new owner gets a WHOLE lot more than he bargained for…

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Muggleswick Wood by Vicky Cowie

Muggleswick Wood

This is the tale of a young girls magical walk through the woods, and the secrets she will keep forever … Or will she?…

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Melvin the Mole by Vicky Cowie

Melvin The Mole

The menacing mole mounds on Major Hugh’s lawn are driving him mad. Can the Major put a stop to Melvin The Mole, once and for all?

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Vicky Cowie The Collection

The Collection

A unique set of 5 rhyming children’s stories, full of mystery, myths … and moles! These are a must on every child’s book shelf!

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